The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart. (Mencius, Chinese philosopher 372-289 BC)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I haven't got the time!

No time to cut the grass
Long time no blog!

I spent most of April (when I was on holiday not coincidentally) in a flurry of early blogging enthusiasm. Blogging briefly became my life as I committed time and great effort to the flickering word.

"This blogging lark is easy" I said to myself.

Then I went back to work and came under assault from the daddy blogger's greatest enemy - TIME - or the lack thereof. Suddenly the blog, along with the rest of the bits of my life which didn't begin with a "w" and end with a "k", slipped down to the bottom of the priority list (just like Wolverhampton Wanderers).

This weekend,I finally had the time to cut the jungle that had grown up since April (see above) - and as I did so I reflected that this garden is a little like my life at the moment - only with loads of ants and bees which seem determined to find a home in one of the holes that have recently appeared in the parched ground - both have been neglected and as a result have become a bit of a mess.

I have missed out on time with my wife, games with my kids and haven't even called my brother or sister for a month because "I don't have time". That's not right.

So, just like the garden - new start, new hope - we start again - and lets see if we can grow a little crop of fresh time along the way.

Talk soon


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