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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Why Dad Knows Best

Dad Knows Best ... Naturally!
Mums are great - as I hope I proved in my 2nd most popular post ever - but nothing can beat a good Dad. We have all (hopefully) known one and we would all (hopefully again) like to be one. So with that in kind these are my 5 reasons why Dads know best. As ever, this list is based on genuine non-research.


1. Dads Can Dance

There is not a dad on this earth that can't dance. Dads even have their own dance - called imaginatively "The Dad Dance" - not everybody can do it and it takes years of effort to master - but it is guaranteed to stop a dance floor.

2. Dads Fix Stuff

Favourite toy broken?
Remote control lost it's battery?

Bring it to dad. He'll know what to do. Still not working? Well that's because it's just not meant to anymore honey.

3. Dads Don't Need Instruction Manuals

Got a new piece of flatpack furniture with one of those thick manuals in Gujarati, Flemish and Swahili?
Bring it to dad. He won't even look at the manual because he knows best. Who needs an instruction manual when you have hands like those.

4. Dads Are Funny And They Know It

There is no doubt about it - dads can tell a joke and they would love you to hear it. A dad is so skilled in this area that he can tell a joke over and over again and find it just as funny the 1000th time as he did the 1st time he shared it.

5. Dads Come Cheap
If the average Dad had his way he would wear the same clothes combo day in and day out. He eschews the frivolity of fashion in favour of wallet watching and a sensible pair of slacks which were built to last.
Need a haircut? Go for the Dad cut - scientifically proven to save you 75% of the Mum snip.

Dads, do you agree or have I missed something vital? Mums, am I being fair?

Speak soon

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PPS For more reasons to celebrate everything "Dad" visit my favourite blog ever - Dads are the Original Hipsters and enjoy everything that made our Dads the cool icons they really are.
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