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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why Mum Knows Best


In a break with tradition this daddy blogger has been carrying out genuine non-scientific research to prove that despite my protestations to the contrary - mum really does know best!

1. Mums never forget

Mums are born with a brain enhancement called the "store-all" by scientists. This gives them the ability to remember eveything they have ever been told.
  • Want to know when Sabrina's birthday is? Ask mum.
  • Want to know what grade W got for History 2 years ago last November?  Ask mum.
  • Want to know when M's follow-up appointment with the orthodontist is?  Ask mum.
Dads try very hard to develop the store-all - but it just ain't happening.

2. Mums are better at wrapping up

  • Want to give a present that looks good before it is opened?
  • Want to give a present that doesn't look like a monkey has been playing football with it?
Ask mum.
It is a scientific fact that dads can't wrap up - we just can't. Our presents always end up scrunched up rather than wrapped up. Whereas mums know what to do with ribbon and never lose the end of a roll of Sellotape. 

3. Mums have the better fashion sense

Not sure which colours go together?
Worried about making a fashion faux pas?
Ask mum.
Never ever ask dad or you'll end up with your tights outside your pants and/or a blue/brown clothes combination.
They say that outside appearances don't matter but when you have been dressed by dad, believe me they do!

By Liz Clayton. From

4. Mums know that carrots are better for you than chocolate

Looking to fulfill your 5 a day? Want to see in the dark rather than glow in the dark?
Ask mum.
Mums were born knowing that 1 leaf of iceberg lettuce and a glass of Cherry Cola do not constitute 2 of the essential 5.
They know about minerals, fibre and vitamins and do not fear them!

5. Mums smell nicer

This again is a scientific fact. Mums just smell nice.
Ask yourself this question: Who would you prefer to sit next to on a six hour coach journey?
If you possess a sense of smell then you know the answer as the lack of a "stinking after a curry" washed down with a pint of Old Thumper 3 days ago faultline within their genetic mixtape counts very much in a mum's favour.

Ladies, have I missed anything out? Chaps, is this fair?

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