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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Summer is/might be coming

Sandcastles at West Wittering Beach
I don't want to say this too loudly in case it annoys the weather gods or tempts fate to kick sand in our faces like a naughty boy at the seaside, but I think that the summer is/ might be coming.

Ever since Sunday when I posted a shocking photograph I had taken of a blue sky it has not rained really that much and in fact 2 days since the weekend have been completely dry.

So here are my THREE reasons for saying the summer is/ might be coming.

1. I have been to the beach

On Tuesday I joined E's class on a trip to West Wittering beach in Sussex. 90 hot and sweaty minutes on a coach were followed by 3 hours building sandcastle, digging holes, eating ice cream and getting sand in our knickers. There was no rain. It was a proper summer's day.

2. The weather forecasters have started smiling 

Throughout May and June the TV weather forecasters looked permanently uneasy - as if the weather was their fault. Those nervous looks have been replaced by confident Colgate endorsed smiles as they swagger across their weather maps.

3. We bought ice cream yesterday and they were too soft!

The signs of spring are good shoppers, particularly when they have been bribed. Yesterday, the bribe was not a nice hot cup of soup but an ice cream. The ice creams were too soft. They were not botulism inducingly runny but the chocolate casing chipped off and shattered on the floor and the ice cream inside went just a little too quickly. But still, WE WERE EATING ICE CREAM AND IT DIDN'T FEEL WEIRD!

So that's why I think the summer is/might be coming.

What do you think? Am I being hopelessly optimistic or might the summer be coming where you are too?

Speak soon

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