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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Games for Long Car Journeys

We have just come back from a fabulous week away in a village called St Dogmaels on the coast of South West Wales. It was fabulous because it did not rain (AT ALL), we spent 4 days on beautiful local beaches - and WE SAW DOLPHINS!

Does life get any better than that?

The only thing that was not fabulous about the holiday was the journey there. 229 miles in more than 6 hours.

Now, I love my family very much BUT 6 hours in a glorified tin can on one of the hottest days of the year stretches things a little.

There are just so many rounds of Eye Spy that you can play and verses of Ten One Hundred Green Bottles that you can sing.

So, with that in mind, here is the Dad Etc Guide to Games for Long Car Journeys. This list is compiled by the Signs of Spring and the Dubmeister - and verified by me as non annoying for adults.

1. Which Car is Yours?

Dad gets lucky again!
This game was invented by the Dubmeister and is extremely simple - it keeps our kids amused for hours!
Each player chooses a number. You then count the cars as they go past. The car that lands on the number that you chose is your car.
The Dubmeister is into his cars so it makes his day when the number he chooses happens to be something flash.
There is nothing funnier to my kids than Dad choosing number 6 (for example) only for number 6 to be a white van with "Wash Me" stencilled into the dirt on the back.
One note of warning - do not play this game if you are driving as you may find that you pay more attention to the game than the road ahead.

2. I'm thinking of an animal NOW!

The Red Spotted Toad 
This is M's favourite game and has been a family favourite for years.
Each player takes it in turns to think of an animal. Once they have thought of their animal they say "I'm thinking of an animal ....................... NOW!"
The rest of the family then take it in turns to ask questions until they eventually guess the animal - or give up if the Dubmeister has chosen something obscure again (pictured).

3. Name that Movie.

E's favourite film
This is a new game which we have stolen from one of E's best friends.
Player 1 speaks (or acts out/ mimes) a line from a favourite movie.
The rest of the family have to guess which movie it is from.
This is a great game for our family to play because we have a shared movie knowledge as we have seen the same films together over and over again. 
I love it when it is E's turn because she always give us one of the three lines she remembers from the first Garfield movie. 

Do you have any car games to share?

Speak soon

PS All pictures taken from Wikipedia.

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