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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Weekend Picture No. 28

The Signs of Spring do London. August 2012.
I have chosen this picture as this Weekend's Picture because, as the wind and the rain batter the UK, I think we all need a bit of cheering up.

Do you remember last August?

There were a couple of weeks in the middle of August when the weather was fantastic and when everybody was hungry to talk Olympics to each other.

In the slightly unreal period between the Olympics and the Paralympics we took the kids up to London to take in the sights and absorb some of the heady atmosphere of the city at the centre of the universe.

The girls took a break as we walked alongside the Thames on that balmy summer's evening and I took the opportunity to take this snap.

Just to remind us all that the summer in the UK was pretty fabulous this year.

Speak soon
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