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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Weekend Picture No. 24

In training for 24 peaks in 24 hours
As you know from my last post, my lovely wife and I are now in training for a major charity challenge. In June of next year we will be climbing 24 Lake District peaks in 24 hours in an effort to raise a lot of money (at least £1500 to be precise) for Caring Matters Now - the amazing charity that seeks to support families of children with CMN.

We leave in a beautiful county and have used our training sessions as an excuse to explore even more of it.

This weekend we visited Hascombe Hill (it has a peak!) and explored the iron age fort at it's summit.

We brought the kids along as well.

In this weekend's picture E is showing her brother and sister just how far Mum and Dad will have to walk next summer.

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Speak soon

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