The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart. (Mencius, Chinese philosopher 372-289 BC)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

"Daddy, can I have a trumpet?"


E's new toy
12 months ago E was asked which instrument she would like to learn to play.

"Trumpet", she answered immediately.

So, as diligent parents we were straight on to the local trumpet teacher to get our little prodigy signed up for lessons.

"Sorry," came the response, "no trumpet until 7 - come back in a year."

Those twelve months have ticked past very slowly for E. But yesterday, came the moment for which she had been waiting. 12 months is an eternity for a 7 year old.

Yesterday, we picked up E's first trumpet. Tomorrow she has her first lesson. She has spent most of the last 24 hours with the trumpet at her side (or at her lips), making elephant noises as she marches round the house making her presence felt.

Neither I nor my lovely wife can make any sound out of the thing so we are convinced that E's trumpeting efforts indicate that we must have a genius on our hands.

Speak soon
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