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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's Movie Night!

Including a Review of Sainsbury's New Flavoured Popcorn Range

It's DVD and Duvet night

One of our favourite family traditions was stolen from Rob Parsons of the brilliant charity "Care for the Family". The kids love this tradition. We choose a DVD, drag down our mattresses and duvets, munch on popcorn and snuggle down together for the night.

Although the fact that I wrote this entry at 2.25am because I couldn't sleep scrunched up on the sofa, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, may indicate that this is not a wholly practical idea - but the kids love it and I am unlikely to forget this night in a hurry - and that's what it is all about huh?!?

This week we were treated by Sainsbury's Bank Money Matters to a copy of Madagascar 3, the one in which Alex and his unlikely pals (a giraffe and a hippo getting it on!? Are you sure?), try to get back to New York by joining a circus and avoiding the evil French policewoman who is on their trail. We love the Madagascar movies (mostly because of the penguins), and although No.3 is not as good as it's older siblings there was enough good stuff in there to keep us all amused until lights out.

Sainsbury's were also good enough to provide us with some of their Smoked Paprika and Salt and Vinegar popcorn from their new range of flavoured popcorns to review (also available in Cheese and Chive and Apple and Cinnamon flavours). We are great lovers of popcorn - even when it gets into our bedding - but these new flavours were not for everyone. The Signs of Spring (aged 7 and 10) turned their noses up - too spicy for their delicate palates. The Dubmeister and my lovely wife loved the Salt and Vinegar version whereas I went potty for the Smoked Paprika - which is far too moreish!

The Sainsbury's Flavoured Popcorn range is on sale at £1.50 for a 75g bag.

Speak soon

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