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Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Weekend Picture (The Voice)

Welcome to a new feature - THE WEEKEND PICTURE.

So called, because every weekend I will publish a picture with it's own take on an item from the week's news. (Have you worked out how I came up with the title of this feature yet?) This week my youngest, 7 year old E, has created a tableau about the new breed of talent show which is sweeping this family and the nation - The Voice.

The Voice by E

Picture from The Guardian

In addition to the Voice, my girls M and E also love the rubbers you can buy from the trendy stationer Blott.

Tonight, during the final blind audition show of The Voice, the 2 came together in perfect harmony as E created The Voice using Blott rubbers.

The Tiger is Danny off The Script, the Killer Whale plays Tom Jones, Jessie J is the unicorn and the penguin is Will.I.Am

Speak soon
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