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Friday, 27 April 2012

What's in a nickname?

One of my duties as a father is creator of nicknames.

I have always enjoyed making names up for my kids. Not for me the boring christian name which my wife and I agonised over all through that long long nine months. No, much more fun to make up a random moniker for your patient progeny.

My W has been a particularly stoical bearer of pet names since his very earliest days when my lovely (pregnant) wife and I used to cuddle up on the sofa and gaze in awe at the pencil sketches in the Queen Charlotte Hospital's biblical tome on everything you needed to know about the great adventure that is pregnancy. The earliest pictures of foetus W - when he was nothing more than a collection of cells - resembled a tiny prawn. Hence the nickname "prawny". He is pleased to announce that he doesn't get called prawny any more!

Since then he has been known variously as:
Meeyum (M's name for him when she was only very small), Weeya (E's name for him when SHE was very small), the Emperor, Bear, WV in the place to be, the King of Cool or just The Cool (you've either got it or you havent), Bilberry Bops, the Dubs, Dubmeister and now Dubmeister Jack.

He's so cool!

The girls haven't escaped my labelling.

Collectively they are known as "The signs of spring" because when they are getting on well together that is exactly what their laughter sounds like - it makes me feel like spring has sprung.

Signs of spring.

M currently glories in the nickname "The Aaar, the Baar, the Saar, the Naar" - I have very patient kids!

E is a little more street than her older brother and sister so has the gangland label "EKPK" - she is pretty good at ninja moves too - so be careful when she's around.

Am I alone in my obsession with nicknames? Is there something wrong with me? I really hope not. Would love to hear some of the other weird and wonderful nicknames that your family has for each other - please reassure me that there are other like minded dads and  mums out there.

Speak soon
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