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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Weekend Picture No. 4

Hundreds of rowing boats form the advance guard of the Thames Pageant today
The UK has gone Diamond Jubilee crazy.

Everywhere you turn there is union jack bunting, street parties and people with smiles on their faces. There is also a lot of rain - it's all terribly british.

We were lucky enough to have a prime spot for one of the big events of the Jubilee weekend today - atop a friend's office building overlooking the Thames on the approach to London Bridge - armed with flags, cameras, cake, cagouls and smiles on our faces as we waited for the approach of the 1000+ craft that formed the "largest public event London may ever see" (Sky News this morning) - the Thames pageant.

We got to see the Queen, Prince William and his Kate and the rest of the royal entourage - although at a distance of 150 meters it was difficult to be sure.

And we got to say that we were there.

And we got wet, but we kept the smiles on our faces and we have got a special jubilee picnic tomorrow as well. But it's indoors - because it will probably rain.

Speak soon.
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