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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Weekend Picture No.7

The Simon Bolivar Orchestra

We were lucky enough to be at the Royal Festival Hall this morning to see the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela perform in a special family concert.

W was at Thorpe Park again with his mates testing their testosterone levels against Roller Coasters that try to kill you so he missed out (although I doubt he sees it that way) So it was me, the lovely wife, the signs of spring, 3 friends and my Dad instead.

I won't repeat the story of this orchestra here but will say that if you like classical music played with passion, if you like watching skilled musicians loving being on stage, if you like watching young conductors being given a chance and taking real risks then this is the orchestra for you.

The Signs of Spring mostly enjoyed it (they were heard to ask "when does it finish?" and "can I have my lunch now?" a couple of times - but that's ok) and we grown ups certainly did.

The picture today is a clip of their signature piece "Mambo" performed at the 2007 BBC Proms - complete with Venezuela jackets and improbable dance moves.


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