The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart. (Mencius, Chinese philosopher 372-289 BC)

Friday, 29 June 2012

Boys and Girls Are Different

As a father of 1 boy and 2 girls I feel qualified to state the obvious:

Boys and Girls are Different.

It has not always been fashionable to make this assertion. In the world of "Political Correctness Gone Mad" - the risk of saying that boys and girls are just plain different was a frankly dangerous thing to do. But then, that was to avoid the obvious conclusion that boys and girls are, indeed, different.

Here are my 5 reasons for stating the obvious.

1. Baby Boys Are Hungrier than Baby Girls

The Dubmeister was a hungry baby. He didn't read the instructions that state that babies should be fed at 4 hourly intervals. He wanted feeding and he wanted feeding now! We soon learned that when it came to mealtimes the baby Dubmeister knew best.

The signs of spring on the other hand? Feeding time? Now? You sure? Can't I nap a little longer? I've got a figure to watch after all.

The Dubmeister - "Where's my tea?"

2. There are Boy's toys and Girl's toys

One of my favourite memories of the 2 year old Dubmeister is in the kitchen of our first house. He is standing next to the little red table which we bought from IKEA. On the table is a tray. In the tray is 1 kilo of rice and a building site full of bright yellow construction vehicles. His little podgy hands are creating roads and piles and mess.

The Signs of Spring and construction vehicles do not mix. When M was 18 months she loved to baby her toys. She hijacked a battery powered hamster from W which sang "Hot Stuff". She would totter around the house with it under one arm stopping from time to time to stand and gaze lovingly at it while it's arms and legs waved hopelessly in the air in time to the beat of Donna Summer's 70's classic.

The Signs of Spring

3. Girls love craft, Boys love space craft

Want a quiet afternoon with the Signs of Spring? Dig out the craft box. Throw glitter, sequins, pritt stick, pipe cleaners and multi-coloured card at them and then go and curl up on the sofa with a good book and a Radiohead CD. Expect to finish the book before they thrust their creations into your face.

Craft and the Dubmeister? Not any more? Ever? If it involves tiny bits of plastic, lots of instructions and glue I hope he doesn't sniff then yes. If it involves sequins? No.

4. Pink V Blue

When we first had babies we were zealous in avoiding the pink/ blue thing. But that became impossible because:
  1. The manufacturers have no imagination
  2. Friends and family have no imagination
  3. Little boys and little girls have NO IMAGINATION.
E's favourite car? A 15 year old Ford Fiesta. The owner has stencilled "Powered by Fairy Dust" in pink onto the paintwork, bought a pink steering wheel cover and fluffy pink cushions for the back seat. It is pink perfection.

5. Boys are Cubs, Girls are Brownies

Dubmeister was a cub. He loved cubs. Cubs are great. But Cubs are loud, very loud. Cubs think nothing of running round and round a church hall, shouting. It is their favourite thing to do.

The Signs of Spring are both Brownies. They love being Brownies. Brownies is not like Cubs. They were playing "Wink Murder" last week. Nobody got murdered! At the end of every session they stand STILL in a circle, hold hands and sing a cute song.

Speak soon.

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