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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mothers Day - Say It With Cookies?

A Review of Millie's Cookies New Mothers' Day Range

The Signs of Spring have got a present for Mum!

It's Mothers Day on Sunday and thoughts are turning to what to buy that special woman in our lives.

Everywhere you go you are surrounded by suggestions of gifts which would make your mum's life - from diamonds to cut flowers to mugs proclaiming her to be the "Best Mum in the World".

With that in mind Dad Etc has very much enjoyed Millie's Cookies new gift range for Mums. We were given their presentation box full of twelve cupcake cookies (modelled pre consumption by the signs of spring) and 3 cookies on a stick (Cookie-Pops) for the children to munch while we walked the North Downs on Saturday afternoon.

This Dad is naturally very keen on cookies and he is pleased to say that he has passed the cookie loving gene onto his progeny all of whom squealed with delight when they heard that we would be sampling Millie's Cookies in the name of science and public service.

The verdict on the Cookie-Pops - very positive. How can a combination of a lolly and a cookie be anything but a winner? The added bonus is that the choc chips did not melt on eager fingers thereby ruining our fabulous new kitchen. They lasted approximately 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

We loved the presentation of the Cookie cupcakes as well - each of which was decorated with a swirl of pastel coloured butter cream crowned with a sugar flower.

The double chocolate cookie cupcakes worked best - brownie heaven. The apple variety was less successful "too sickly" was the verdict of my lovely wife - we felt that they lacked the balance that cinammon brings instead revelling in an orgy of excessive sweetness.

Cookie Cupcakes are available from your local Millies for £1.25 each or at £17.99 for a box of twelve. They are baked fresh on the premises so should be available for you to take home in 40 minutes - so there is still time to spoil mum!


Speak soon

PS Read my post on why Mum definitely knows best here.

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