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Friday, 1 March 2013

You Can Tell They're Growing Up When ... You Teach Them To Shave!

Featuring A Review Of Milk By Michael Klim

I can still remember the day The Dubmeister was born - nearly 163 months ago. I can remember sitting next to my lovely wife, doing my best to recall the lessons we had been taught about breathing in NCT classes and hoping against hope that he would be ok. Then I remember holding him in my arms for the first time and gazing at him and thanking God for this perfect bundle. I remember changing him for the very first time - cotton wool poised in a strategic position, just in case - and marvelling at just how perfect his skin was. I remember thinking that there would not be another time when his skin would be blemish free and free of cuts and bruises.

That seems a long way away now.

The Dubmeister now has a history and the Dubmeister now has hair in new places - under his armpits, on his chest and now on his face!

You really can tell they're growing up when you teach them to shave.

So far, we only really need to shave his upper lip. So far, he only really needs to shave on the first Monday of the month. Still, it seems a big step - he is shaving. We have broken through yet another barrier.

I have taught him to lather the foam in his hands and rub it into the target area. To contort his face as if he is a Spitting Image puppet and to lure out those stubborn hairs that hide in the shadows cast by his nostrils.

I am proud (and surprised) to say that he hasn't cut himself yet - he must have a great teacher!

We have been learning to shave with a luxurious new product called Moisturising Shave Milk by Michael Klim from his Milk range. It is available to buy from Boots for £11.95 and boasts of containing the oils of Peppermint Gum, Coconut and Menthol Geranium! It gives you a rich shave and because it moisturises as you shave it avoids the problem of burning red post shave skin I can still feel as I recall my earliest shaves. You do feel like you are using a premium product.

The Dubmeister also made use of a packet of Scrub and Cleanse Wipes from the same range to tackle his increasingly teenage skin. They come in packs of 25 and Dubmeister used them morning and night for 2 weeks. One side of the wipe contains Exfoliating Wipe Beads - it feels like you are wiping your face with a beach whilst the other has a smoother surface to clean away daily residue.

Both Dubmeister and I loved this product - and his skin did too - it looks clearer now than it did a fortnight ago. A packet of 25 Scrub and Cleanse wipes is currently on for £9.95 at Boots. One word of  warning though - don't leave the packet open or the wipes will dry out very quickly!

Speak soon

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